Friday, October 10, 2008

Crafting around the house

I recently moved into a new apartment, not to mention a new state and city. Most people look at me like I'm crazy when they find out I left the Sunshine State for the Windy City, but I know they're secretly thinking to themselves, "Why wouldn't she move here? It's Chicago!"

Chicago is a major place to be. It's hip. It's cool. It's young and old. People who live here care. There's more to life here than golf and hospitals. Even though sometimes it is odorous and cold, I love being in this city.

I also love having a place to decorate. I have made plans upon plans to beautify my space, but I've only finished a few of them.

The first project that was finished first was a new dog bed cover for my little buddy, Basil, a yorkshire terrier.

He doesn't use it because he sleeps on our bed instead.

Next, the bathroom got a dressed up dresser and an extra large shower curtain.

They were made from an Ikea duvet set. I love them.

The living room windows were treated with some screens.

My cousin made these for her place and I loved the idea so much I made some for my place.

I'm also reupholstering three antique chairs.

I have one of them almost done and a second halfway almost done.

I made one of two kitchen curtains, but I made it wrong so I still need to re-sew it.

I have plans to make some type of light and airy living room window curtains to bring some color up onto the walls, but I haven't found the right fabric yet.

After these projects, I hope to get back into dyeing and crafting for a living. Even though I do have a full-time job, I am thinking I may be able to pull off crafting enough stuff to have a booth at one of the many craft fairs this area has. I've been to three so far and I've only been living here four months!


Yarnsnob said...

In what neighborhood did you snag such an awesome apartment? I love Chicago too and all the strange smells in my neighborhood are eliminated when the wind blows Blommers Chocolate fumes my way.

J. Robinson said...

My apartment is in one or the other of the following two neighborhoods: Chinatown or Bridgeport. Maybe it's in both? Whichever it is, I am jealous of your chocolate fumes! Where is Blommers? That sounds like a place I want to visit - soon!