Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Craft of Passion

I'm at my day job right now, where I could and should be working on a project for my part-time job, but, instead, I'm writing about crafting, my true obsession - nay, my true passion.

I had a four-day weekend and I crafted my little heart out all weekend long. One accomplishment was the blockprinting I did. My mom gave me a blockprinting kit, about which I've been very curious for quite some time, for Christmas. One day last week, after making an innocent little doodle on a scrap piece of paper, I was actually inspired to enlarge and carve my little doodle into the block. I printed the image onto blank notecards. They looked pretty good.

"I Miss You" or "Thinking of you" or "When are you coming home? I have to go potty!"
My original reason for making the doodle was thinking a pair of windowframe earrings with something in the window would be really cute. I like the notecard a lot better. I liked these cards so much I decided to make another one.

"Night Owl"
I know my artwork is pretty low on the meaningful scale, but, to be frank, I don't want to make a statement with my art, I want to make a living with my creativity.

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