Thursday, January 17, 2008

My new stores!

I have recently opened two new Etsy stores - one for my photography hobby and one for what I hope will be the beginnings of a real business.

Zoom In is where I sell my photographs as prints, framed prints, and notecards. I use two different cameras - a big one for more fussy photos and a little one for snapshots. I am not sure which direction I would like to go with my photography or if I would even like to make it anything more than a hobby. I truly enjoy it, though, so I am tentatively putting it out there for now.

Craftlings is where I sell crafting kits I put together myself. I only have one available right now, a hand-dying kit for wool yarn, but I have a few more ideas up my sleeve for kits. I've mostly been concentrating on research and developement in order to get the supplies and instructions just right. I will be offering a kit to dye nylon yarn in a few days.

I'm really excited about them both because they have a lot of potential and they are helping me think beyond my limited scope of what crafting is. Wish me luck!

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