Monday, March 17, 2008

Pink hat for a baby...

or for a baby octopus?

This hat turned out tall for a baby hat. But I still like it. It's my first lace item. Well, I think it's lace. How should I know? I don't know knitting. It has holey things and I had to do k2togs, YOs, and pssos so I'm calling it lace.

Boy. This thing turned my knitting world inside out.

First, I was not getting the holes where they should have been. I thought I was doing my YOs too tight. It turns out I've been doing them backwards.

Second, every time I had to do a k2tog, I would grit my teeth and grip my needles with the strength of a vice just so I could fight it into the fronts of the stitches. The needle did not want to go in there! I almost gave up on this hat because of the k2togs, but I'm glad I didn't.

Instead, I looked for some support on an online forum. Was it just me? Or was k2tog the secret bane that every knitter had but no one talked about? Well, I wanted to talk about it because I was tired of doing it.

After some discussion and watching of videos that showed proper knitting techniques, it turns out I have been purling upside down for the past five years! That's why I find it easier to knit into the backs of the loops when doing a knit stitch - and why knitting into the front of stitches is nearly impossible.

Once I started doing my YOs the right way and knitting two together through the backs of the stitches, everything was honky dory. And now I'm hoping for a baby with an octopus head or a conehead like those aliens, the Coneheads. Then my hat will be a perfect fit!

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