Thursday, March 13, 2008

Why knit socks?

I finally figured out why people like to knit socks so much. I haven't ever knit a pair of socks myself, but I realize the reasons for the appeal.

1. It's because socks are a small enough project that they don't take forever to finish.

2. It's because a pair of socks is a small enough project that it usually only uses one skein of sock-weight yarn. This is pretty inexpensive when compared to a sweater or 6-foot long scarf.

3. It's because there are twists and turns and infinite patterns that keep the project interesting.

4. It's because those yarns dyed or spun all different colors that make one go ooooh and aaaah when seen on the shelf while one secretly thinks "I wish I could wear those crazy colors, but they're just not me..." is the perfect yarn for a pair of socks because socks will only be seen by oneself, close friends, and family members.

5. And my last reason socks are so popular is because they are a very useful accessory. I may not wear socks every day, but I will wear four or five different pairs in a week. Such usefulness lends itself to the adage that one can never have too many pairs of socks. I guess that depends on how many dresser drawers one has devoted to socks, but, still, a lot of socks will fit in just one drawer.

Now, I haven't conquered my trepidation of DPNs and I don't care much for circular needles because of how tangly they feel, but I definitely hope I get over all that so I can knit myself at least one pair of socks in my lifetime.

I've already started scoping out sock patterns I like:

My cousin is knitting these for her wedding and, after seeing her progress, I fell in love with them.

Leaf Lace Socks:
The leaves on these socks are gorgeous. I would be proud to wear a pair of these and even prouder to say I made them!

After I finish the pink baby hat and then my sweater, I will try a pair of socks. I'm looking forward to it!

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